Gage Coprivnicar

Personal Site


Hello, my name is Gage Coprivnicar. I am a student at Colorado School of Mines, graduation date 2020. I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Electrical Engineering and am interested in renewable energy and automation in possible future careers.

Technical Skills


Programming Languages

I have five to six years of practical programming experience both inside and outside the classroom. I am able to write programs in a variety of languages including Python, Golang, Javascript, HTLM/CSS, Solidity, C++, C.

Software Experience

I am able to put together webservers, REST APIs, automated systems, and embedded system applications. Examples of these are all showcased in various forms on my Github.

I also have my Associates in Solidworks and have AutoCAD and other 3D modeling software experience.

Technical Experience

ECCO Safety Group

I had a summer internship at ECCO Safety Group in 2017 where I programmed and assisted in designing a Light Engine Testing Module for more efficent testing of the lights. Through this I learned to use the automobile communication standard CAN, Controller Area Network. I also learned basic electronic design, assembly and troubleshooting.

Mines Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge

Second semester of Sophomore year at Colorado School of Mines I participated in an entrepreneurship challenge where my team was tasked with improving the efficiency of mining operations for Newmont Mining Company. This project was a challenge as no individual in my team had mining experience or were mining engineers. As a Computer Science major, I worked with my team to research and develop a techology that a mining company would find useful. In the end, we decided on using blockchain technology to improve inter-company file storage which, according to a 2018 Ernst & Young report, was the number one issue facing mining companies.

Personal Interests

Renewable Energy

I am intersted in a Computer Science degree so I can get into the renewable energy field. I would like to establish renewable energy bases as well as more sustainable methods of creating the resources required to build renewable energy sources like photovoltaic cells and the like.

Blockchain Technology

Since being first introduced to Bitcoin around 2015, I have been a big fan of what it stands for, decentralization and privacy. I have learned to build decentralized applications (dapps) and how to interface with different blockchains like Sia and Ethereum. In the future I would like to develop and create applications for different businesses to utilize this revolutionary technology.

Automated Trading

With blockchain technology comes the ability to have a low cost way of making some side income trading against different cryptocurrency pairs. Having done alright in this realm, the next step for me is to automate this interest as a way to passively bring in income. On my Github there are a lot of different iterations of automated trading programs ranging from simple price-based trading to quantitative analysis. This has continuously forced development of my programming skills and knowledge.



Phone: 208-869-4041